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The process of collecting, processing, and analyzing data to generate insights that inform fact-based decision making. Bernard Marr, definition: Analytics

Make the best possible data-driven decisions

Our goal is to help retailers

Synaps provides retailers a platform to track, measure, and analyze data collected from in-store customer interactions with specific advertisements. The goal is to capture data and use it to make more informed decisions, in order to increase profit or volume of sales. Ultimately, store owners will make better decisions by using Synaps to design marketing strategies, product placements, and advertising campaigns.

Synaps works by connecting a video camera to a powerful micro-controller that enables our facial recognition software to temporarily capture faces and log the associated analytics.


Know Your Customer

Create a digital footprint of your customers by gathering key demographic data.

Create & Track Conversions

Quickly view a snapshot of an advertisements effectiveness by setting a goal and measuring opportunities.

Measure Customer Engagement

Know what time and how long customers are interacting with an advertisement. Calculate the value of your advertisements with helpful engagement metrics.

100% Private & Secure Data

We prioritize individual privacy concerns, all customers maintain 100% anonymity. We do not store any identification information and use only non-attributable demographic, time-based, and customer sentiment statistics.

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